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Amanda Le Rougetel

BA (Hons) * BJ * MA

“A writer is a person for whom writing
is more difficult than it is for other people.” 

attributed to Thomas Mann

My experience


I wrote my first story at age about 13 or so; it was derivative and dreadful, but I loved the process of imagining the characters and the plot and putting it all together with words on the page. I have continued to write since then — and my writing is not dreadful any more. It has been published in The Globe and Mail, on Brevity Blog, in The Leaf community newspaper, numerous newsletters, and an anthology; my blog, Five Years a Writer, has a loyal readership. My writing tends to be creative non-fiction, in the form of personal essays and memoir- & life-writing, and news articles or features. Recently, I have turned my hand to flash fiction, using old family pictures as the spark for the stories. Through my formal education, I have learned a lot about writing and about telling stories; I have two undergraduate degrees, one in literary translation (French to English), the other in journalism. In my early 40s, I earned a master’s degree in applied communication. Along the way, I crafted a career for myself, first, in corporate communications; next, as a freelance writer & editor; and, finally, in education, as a college instructor of communication. Today, I am a writer & editor, community educator,  writing coach, and collage artist.


I have worked with individuals who enjoy writing and want their work to be read by others. My objective in coaching a writer is to build confidence — in the story they want to tell and in their writing of it. We create a plan that includes writing, reviewing, revising, and discussing  (in person, by Zoom or by email), and repeating the process until the piece is where the writer wants it to be — maybe ready for submission to a publication or maybe for sharing with family and friends. This coaching is one-on-one, tailored to the needs of the individual. 

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