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AMANDA LE ROUGETEL knows the power — and the value — of words. Thinking them, speaking them, and writing them. As a writer and collage artist, she is engaged in the life-long commitment of knowing herself and deepening her understanding of what she has to offer the world. She does this through her writing practice and by working with others on their writing, writing projects, and artistic explorations. Amanda has a Masters in applied communication and four decades’ experience as a professional communicator.

DEBORAH SCHNITZER is Professor Emerita (Department of English, University of Winnipeg) and a National 3M Teaching Fellow, an award-winning writer and filmmaker, whose work includes fiction, poetry, and screenplays. More recently, she is exploring non-fiction and the blending of memoir and fiction as part of her own turning-points writing practice.

Amanda and Deborah are trained educators and published writers. They bring their experience, creativity, and humour to every session they lead. 

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