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While writing is the core tool we use, polished writing skills are not a prerequisite for productive participation.
Anyone willing to put pen to paper and to engage creatively will benefit from the sessions.



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Writing can be a way to gain clarity during times of transition, termination and transformation. During these sessions, you will learn a guided writing process to better understand choices, decisions and turning points in your life. This is not therapy; it is intentional writing to clarify your own perceptions and understandings. You will use a daily logbook to record your observations in relation to classroom activities. This course is delivered in three stages: Part I. Part II. Part III. 


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Fuel your writing practice with a weekly prompt sent to your email inbox on a specific day, followed later in the week by a collaborative, supportive conversation with a 16-person (max) cohort of enthusiastic and committed writers just like you. You will be inspired by reading your work aloud and by receiving constructive and encouraging feedback. Spark I is about writing and reading aloud. Spark II continues with writing and reading aloud, and also incorporates focused teaching. NOTE: Spark I is pre-requisite for Spark II. 

WRITING: Principles, Process and Pleasure.               new

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Experience the joy of becoming the writer you want to be. Join us for an exploration of writing — from elements of style to foundational principles of composition and forms of revision. Much of what makes writing pleasurable is being able to bend language and structure to our command, because we know what we are doing and why we're doing it. Bring your interest in writing and in reading, your joy of language and your questions, as we dive into the writer’s sandbox of principles and processes. In a creative and generative way, you will respond to existing texts and compose your own. Whether your goal is pleasure or publication, this course is open to writers of any genre or subject matter.


WHAT'S YOUR STORY?         new

A 3-hour workshop for anyone who wants to tell their story with words and images. We will use guided activities and creative prompts to spark your thinking, get your creativity flowing, and invite you to represent the story you hold within you. No formal writing experience is required. All you need is an interest in telling your story — or finding out what your story is! 

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Where do we teach our courses?

We teach some courses through McNally's Community Classroom, some via Zoom, and others in a private teaching setting that depends on group size. 

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Join us...

...for writing-based creative work that will ignite your thinking and nurture your empathy and understanding -- for yourself and for others. We each have a story to tell, and creative activities that include writing, images, music and conversation can help unlock the words and their meaning for us. We'd love to see you in one of our courses. 

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