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WRITING COACH: Amanda Le Rougetel

It is said that writing is a lonely business, but that is true only if you believe that you must bear the creative burden entirely on your own. I don’t believe that. I believe that every writer benefits from having a person in their corner, who acts as coach and confidant, invested in the success of your work. 

As a writing coach, I get both satisfaction and joy from working with writers to pursue their craft and to achieve their goals. 


There is no one-size-fits-all plan for this work. The fee reflects the time, effort and commitment you are wanting from me. We’ll figure out the details between us. 


If any of this intrigues the writer in you, please email me to connect. To get the conversation started, tell me what you’re working on and/or interested in pursuing with me as your writing coach. I’ll reply and we’ll see where next we might go together on the writing path. 

What can a WRITING COACH do for you?

  • Help you uncover the story you want to tell

  • Work with you to establish a writing rhythm and routine

  • Articulate and refine your goals 

  • Create a schedule (ex., daily word targets, mid-point objectives, longer-term deadlines, etc.) that will help you meet your stated goals  ​

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A WRITING COACH can help when you are — 

  • Plotting a piece of fiction

  • Structuring a longer piece of creative non-fiction or life-writing 

  • Searching for the spark that will take your writing to the next stage of development 

  • Wanting ongoing mentorship, guidance and support in your writing life 

  • Needing nuts-and-bolts editing of existing work

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It takes a village... 

No writer is a solo artist. The most satisfied among us cherish the relationships we develop along the way that inspire us, nurture us, encourage us, and keep us grounded in the work. 

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